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Sucker! Fucker! - Scene 4

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3.5 / 5

Having been to subjected to a sensory-deprived experience of a premier-class nature, webcam model, Taylor Blaze, is now clearly in need of some satisfaction of his own – and little wonder! After all, despite having been sucked, fucked and treated like the self-disrespecting whore that he clearly is, he’s not yet been allowed the luxury of his own creamy climax. Well folks, that situation’s about to be changed big time now, as he’s led into a kitchen and quite literally lifted onto the island in the middle of the room for the kind of manhandling that dreams are made of. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy the attention of four other horned-up guys, whose only objective is to get your rocks off as quickly as possible? Cue a fantastic display of hardcore wanking and probing, with Taylor clearly pushed into seventh-heaven as a result. Of course, the fact that the pup is still blind-folded only seems to increase the intensity of the experience for him; and it’s no real surprise when the boy, who by this point is being furiously wanked to glory, reaches the point of no return. The result? One very satisfied customer; who is then left to finish his adventure with a shower, and a poolside soak in the sun.
Featuring: Dominique Kenique, Taylor Blaze Ashton Bradley, Xavier Sibley, Jake Stark


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