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Alexis Clark


Cock Size:  7.5" / 20 cm
Role:  Dominant
Date of birth:  21 January 1996
Height:  5'11" / 180 cms
Nationality:  Spanish

Alexis Clark will be the first to admit that his desire to enact the role of dominant master in front of the camera is not something that sits easy with him in real life. Truth is, he’s a pretty laid back boy, who likes to enjoy life as it comes. Put this tattooed, pierced beaut on a film set, however, and give him a riding crop to hold, and it’s a whole different story – something that many a young sub has discovered in the form of a red raw arse! But as Alexis says, that’s the way these kind of boys like it. And nothing gives him greater pleasure than to fulfil their wildest fantasies!
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