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Sucker! Fucker! - Scene 2

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3.8 / 5

Health and safety regulations are such that we couldn’t let young Taylor Blaze wander outside on his own – blindfolds and swimming pools aren’t a particularly healthy mix, after all! – so he’s given a guide to his next port-of-call: an older, daddy-type, bearded stud, who clearly has something of a penchant for young, impressionable beauties. Needless to say the fellow takes no time in getting the lad to position himself between his legs in order to pleasure his shaft; before bundling Taylor over the sun-lounger so that he can turn his attention directly onto the pup’s eager little pucker. Of course, it’s pretty obvious by this point that the boy’s arsehole now stands no chance against the onslaught that’s about to be unleashed; and it’ll surely come as no surprise to anyone that the stud is soon rimming that private, hairless quarter, before thrusting every inch of hard meat deep inside Taylor’s guts. Cue a breathless, sweaty, sun-kissed fuck that sees the pup banged in a succession of positions – including reverse-cowboy – before the stud quite literally dumps the contents of his balls inside him; leaving Taylor’s precious starfish glistening with a very satisfying wad of fresh spunk!
Featuring: Dominique Kenique, Taylor Blaze


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