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Sucker! Fucker! - Scene 3

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4.3 / 5

It’s a well-known fact that some men are born to be masters and some are born to be underlings – and if you’ve any doubt about this fact then get ready to see it in action as Taylor Blaze (still wearing a blindfold) is introduced to a young, fair-headed dom and his dark-haired sub. The threesome that ensues centres totally around the master’s needs and compulsions – as, of course, it always should – and Taylor makes the perfect accompaniment to their energetic fuck-session. Indeed, if you’re hoping for extended foreplay between this trio then prepare to be disappointed. The horned-up dom is clearly in no mood for pillow-talk; as he promptly rims the newcomer’s arsehole, and then fucks him with all his might. The boy’s deflowerment achieved, the blond master then proceeds to get both his charges side-by-side on the bed; and fucks the living daylights out of his usual partner, whilst Taylor listens to the action at close quarter. Finally, with both subs bundled on top of one another, the master christens the scene with a tremendous blast of pent-up jizz; before his dark-haired buddy is allowed to yank off, leaving Taylor’s belly coated in a much-deserved spray of hot goo!
Featuring: Taylor Blaze Ashton Bradley, Xavier Sibley


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