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Used Twink - Part 3

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3.4 / 5

Ollie Blue is a young twink with literally no limits, as demonstrated here when he’s chained to a table – his cock and balls tied up with rope! – and is subjected to another wild round of mindless used courtesy of a pair of black and white studs. What’s more these two “minders” are clearly in the mood for an even more extreme ceremony here, as they proceed to tip hot wax all over the young lad’s pale-skinned body. Anyone else being treated like this would quite literally scream the house down. Not Ollie though – he’s actually gasping for more as the wax burns into his skin! Not content with the fun they’re having, the studs then enjoy electro-abusing the poor lad’s nipples and genitals – an act that only seems to get the twink even more excited. Given the level of being used that Ollie’s cock and balls are now receiving, it’s perhaps not at all surprising that they’re soon the darkest colour of crimson you can fucking imagine; but this dirty little cunt won’t be satisfied until the entire contents of his nads have been spewed. Fortunately, his two wicked-minded mates are more than happy to give a hand; before casting a few last drops of hot wax onto his spent body to call it a wrap!
Featuring: Alexis Clark, Ollie Blue, River Wilson


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