Fisted Rubber Gimp - Part 1

Avg Rating
9.2 / 10

James is back, this time fully rubbered up, only showing his bare ass! That must mean he's here to get opened. After tying his legs up, and some pasionate daddy/gimp kissing, all the fun begins, We all know by now that Dominique loves eating ass, so after prepping James' hole he's more than ready to take some dick... but let's just say James doesn't seem all that satisfied, so out comes the box! And this is not a normal box. It is filled with lots of Mr Hankey Toys! (The world's finest professional grade silicone toys). Toy after toy his hole keeps getting stretched, so much we'll see Dominique jerking himself off inside the young lads ass.
Featuring: Dominique Kenique, James Oakleigh

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