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Appropriated And Used - Scene 2

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4.3 / 5

Some guys like to use someon; some guys like to be used. And the good news is that we’ve managed to collect both types here, as cropped-haired youth, Kaspar Hauser, continues to be subjected to an open-air onslaught at the hands of two filthy-minded thugs. What’s more, being the kind of twisted fellow that he is, he doesn’t so much as lift a finger of resistance when confronted with such a kinky-minded barrage. Still donning balaclavas, the two doms position the lad in a rather strange looking seat, pushing both his hard cock and his ball-sac through a hole to leave his most intimate quarters fully exposed and totally vulnerable to their use. In the meantime, they also attach tit-clamps and chains to the boy; whilst simultaneously ensuring that he’s not capable of making any complaints by thrusting a ball-gag into his mouth. That said, he still seems able to provide such kind of muffled protest as his two assailants wank his cock and add heavy weights to his nads. If anything, however, that only seems to get his schlong even stiffer than before; and it actually comes as something of a relief when the ritualised domination concludes with an ice cold bucket of water over the twink!
Featuring: Jordan Fit, Josh Milk, Kasper Hauser


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