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Appropriated And Used - Scene 3

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4.1 / 5

You’d be totally forgiven for thinking that the inimitable Kaspar Hauser has had quite enough excitement given that’s just been subjected to the kind of pain that most would baulk at. Not, so however. This little Russian puppy simply can’t get enough of being pushed through his paces; and to prove the point we can hereby enjoy a POV-style escapade that soon has the lad out of his jockstrap and displaying that pert arse of his, which he loves to waggle suggestively to the lens. It’s little surprise that the cameraman is quick to take full advantage of the situation; deepthroating the bitch, before having Kaspar to thrust his ass in the air so that he can finger the boy’s arse. Not that a couple of fingers is ever going to satisfy a lad like this, of course. No, he’s not happy until he’s got a thick black toy poking away at his guts – and even then you know it’s a mere stepping-stone to something way more extreme. Cue a no-holds-barred fisting session that sees the fellow greased to the max so that he can have his backside quite literally ruined for our entertainment. All fabulously topped off by the sight of him getting a face-load of hot spunk – a young pup’s ideal reward!
Featuring: Kasper Hauser Timmy Treasure


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