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Dani Robles


Cock Size:  7.5"
Role:  Dominant
Date of birth:  08 February 1986
Height:  6'2" / 188 cm
Nationality:  Spanish

Some guys like to be power-tops and like to be power-bottoms, but when it comes to handsome Spaniard, Dani Robles, it seems that anything goes. He basically enjoys cock in any way, shape or form – and believe us, we’re not about to complain. That said, he admits that one of his hottest fantasies is being serviced by two cute twinks – something we’d have been mad not to make come true. And besides, what self-respecting cock-crazed twink wouldn’t want to service the monster that Dani has stashed in his jeans? That meaty ramrod deserves totally respect, after all.
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