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Piss Slut - Scene 2

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4.2 / 5

Having been introduced to six of the most filthiest fuckers surely every amassed in the history of gay porn, young Aaron finally gets to take things further with them as he allows them to fuck him one by one! Geez, just imagine the pride his parents would have if they could see him right now! Seriously, this little punk knows exactly how to satisfy a gang of horned-up dudes; and having been spit-roasted by a selection of his newfound mates, proceeds to ride dick after dick like the cock-slut he clearly is. And as if that isn’t enough, his antics are constantly interrupted by regularly showers of fresh piss from the lads crowding around him. Finally, having had his guts filled with every hard cock in the room, it’s time for all six studs to unload the contents of their nut-sacs all over this pretty young beauty; as the horny mass surrounds him and wanks off load after sticky load of jizz all over his body. It really is a cum-lover’s dream; though if Aaron is expecting so much as a word of thanks from the half-dozen chaps who have just fucked him senseless he’s in for disappointment. Still, at least he has the memory of a day well spent, as he jerks out his own superb wad for a finale!
Featuring: Aaron Twink, Izan Loren, Mike Cole Alec Loob


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