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Spunk Sports Sc.2

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It's Jarred's first time on camera, but this filth fueled young lad won't hold back on his fantasies, after contacting us it was clear his fantasy was one we could make happen! So we brought him in, and got him to try on some soccer gear, with a little play around with the ball and showing off some of his calisthenics skills our team bring in some cushions, tape his wrists together and place him ready to be taken advantage of! It doesn't come as a surprise that moments later Izan has focused his attention on the boy, rubbing his body and feeling Jarred's cock getting harder at every stroke! Now with the boys cock rock hard, Izan gets his shoes off to play with the boy using his feet! Soon Izan has the boy licking his socks, but little does Jarred know that soon those socks are going to be stuffed and secured by tape into the boys mouth! After much foot play Izan gets tired and decides it's best for a more hands on approach, which he does, focusing on the boys nipples whilst playing with Jared's cock. It goes without saying that after much foreplay, Izan really want's to get into this kinky fuckers hole! Starting off with some rimming, and Jarred sucking his cock, Izan has all the lube he'll need to go straight into this boy's hole. With some ferocious morbid sport fueled fucking it's not long before they're both spurting their loads, which Jarred plays with in his mouth before showing off some more of his skills.
Featuring: Izan Loren, Jarred Bornet


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