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Spunk Sports Sc.1 Pt.2

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4.3 / 5

It's hard to imagine that the thought of sex at the gym hasn't passed through someones mind at some point, but these two take it to the next level. Titus, the alpha male of the two, sits on the bench with Rodion on the floor, and has the boy kiss his feet before playing with his dick. Titus, however isn't one for sitting and having everything done for him, as we soon see as he has Rodion lay down on the bench and Titus ties him down with some sexy red tape. Now the boys secure, Titus starts to adore the boy's body, kissing and rubbing every inch. And soon with some baby oil added the tied boy has an extra shine! This is what makes Titus throw himself direct to his cock for some teasing, and some well performed cock polishing!
Featuring: Rodion Taxa, Titus Snow


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