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PVC Twink fucked raw Pt.1

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4.4 / 5

Starting with what would appear an alien walking in on a smoky room, we find a futuristic twink wearing a gas mask and covered in PVC clothing, needless to say that if a twink walks in a warehouse like this, he will not be welcomed warmly, as is the case, he's tied down to a chair for further exploration by Rodion. His hand is quick to go to the groin area, where after a lot of rubbing, he's semi hard, and Rodion likes what he's seeing, so much so, that after he gets the boy hard he sucks his cock, and eventually makes the boy suck him off too! before moving on to more of an ass wrecking act, needless to say that this boy will be covered in boy juice very soon!
Featuring: Peter Polloc, Rodion Taxa


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