Silas' perverse torments Sc.2 Pt.2

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Casper is far from finished with silas, with his ass in the air, and face on the floor, he gets a swift warm-up with the whip, which leaves his ass in pain, but as if Silas gave a damn, he's still getting started on the boys ass. If you've been watching long enough, by now you know black gloves mean fisting is yet to come! With Casper's pucker on display, with his legs chained up to the ceiling, Casper's ass will be used, opened and stretched to accommodate Silas' hand and the most part of his forearm, to the extent of the boy cumming with barely any need of Silas' assistance.
Featuring: Casper Ellis, Silas Rise

Very nice fisting but im very disappointed that you didn't put include the anal clamp part in the video that you show in the video, I seams you are showing exciting pictures on the advertising area to get people to join then not delivering the goods in the videos, the picture ads for this scene was the whole reason I joined up and you have not delivered.
I agree with James.....the fisting action was great but where was the anal clamp? This is not the first time you have done this and it is a poor way to get new subscribers.
Really very very hot fisting and milking of the best slave you have on your site!
Timmy - My Dirtiest Fantasy
Hello guys, yes I understand your messages regarding the anal clamp. Sometimes, we take some extra pictures for the photoshoots and then when we film the video, for different reasons, has happened a very few times, that we can’t include that action in the final product. I like to add those pics in the downloadable photoshoot for members but of course that shouldn’t be in the advert for the scene. That was a mistake of our content manager, he didn’t know that the clamp was not in the final video. I am sorry for this and anybody that joined for this reason can contact us on info@mydirtiestfantasy.com and we will cancel and refund his membership. We are sorry for the mistake and we will keep a closer eye on this so it won’t happen again. Timmy - Director
to soft flogging no boots,Leatherjacket:-(
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