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Horny Buddies Get She-Male Treatment

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A she-male has her boyfriend and a new friend at her service. With a whip she orders them to do what she wants. She starts ordering the boy to suck her boyfriend’s cock off and then the blowjobs, jerking off and rimming are served. Always commanded by her, the new friend suffers the couples treatment with slaps and dildos in his ass. A treatment that he seems to he loves so much. After preparing his ass, the boyfriends fuck him hard on the sofa whilst she spits on it to lube it. So horny, she can’t resist to blows the boy’s cocks whilst they are fucking. Soon she is pounding hard her friend’s ass whilst he sucks her boyfriend’s cock. Finally, the boys cums all over her mouth and tits after some jerks and sucks. She arrives to orgasm in her boyfriend’s hand.


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