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She-Male Nurse Flip-Flop Fucking

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He thinks he’s going to meet the doctor, but he finds Sasha, a beautiful she-male nurse who starts to explore his ass with a metal probe. He is hard-on and she offers him her tits and… surprise! His thick cock. Far from disagree, the boy starts to touch it and suck it off. But she wants to taste a little meat too. Both face fucking each other until she starts rimming his ass. Once his hole is prepared, he lies on his back on the lounger and she gets his big cock inside of it to fuck him hard. Then is the turn of him to fuck her ass, so she lies on her back and he starts pounding his ass fast with his big cock. After a while fucking wild, he blasts his load all over her face whilst she follows him blowing her milk on his own hands.
Sasha Shatalova


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