Lost Fate - Part 1

Avg Rating
7.3 / 10

Pan Bash is dragged to the dungeon tied and blindfolded by his master Silas Rise. Once his slave is laid on the floor, Silas starts whipping him with the ropes before inserting his dick inside Pan’s mouth and ordering him to suck it off. But it'd seem Silas is a master who is bored quickly and brings the action to a work table where after putting his feet inside Pan’s mouth, spitting on him and trampling on his cock, among other humiliations, he starts fucking him hard. Whilst they fuck, Silas submits him with the ropes around his neck, and soon the master succumbs to Pan’s hole and pulls his dick out to blast his warm load all over the Pan’s face and abused mouth.
Featuring: Pan Bash, Silas Rise

Silas is a nice new HOT addition hope for more please and also maybe he could be the passive partner sometime
Rope around the slave's neck always is a very hot and brillant idea! ;-) Silas is a talented top and pan a very hot slave! More of both, please!!!
Fucking him while pulling back on the rope around his neck was really hot. Pan is a beautiful sub and Silas is a great dom
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