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Fisted Rubber Gimp - Part 2

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10.0 / 10

The mechanic Dominique finds the gimp on his work table and is turned on by this. At this point he starts touching and kissing the young lad whilst in his rubber clothing. James doesn’t try to fight him and lets the mechanic do whatever he wants with him. Now the boy is turned over with his ass up in the air, Dominique brings over to the table a fuck machine with a big yellow dildo which is soon to be inserted into the boy’s fuck hole. He is also breath controlled by Dominique sitting on his face, preventing him to breath, all whilst preparing his ass for what’s coming next. But the abuse is not yet over as now he puts his fist into James ass whilst having him jerk off and cum all over himself.
Featuring: Dominique Kenique, James Oakleigh

WOW HOT this is a fantastic video
agree with Josh fantastic
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