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Russian Anal Whore - Part 1

Avg Rating
8.0 / 10

Russian boy Kasper is back for another opening experience with AJ. After teaching the Russian twink some basic education, whilst whipping the boy. He's shown to the isle of Dildos which he'll be riding like the anal whore he is, before moving over to the stocks to be fucked by the fuck machine whilst deep throating AJ's large cock and receiving some ball spanking torture the disobedient boy deserves.
Featuring: AJ Alexander, Kasper Hauser

Very poor filming couldn't see anything of the toys going in his hole, would have been mych better having his tied up with the toys being forced in to him with his hole on show.
One of the most sadistic scenes on the site. Loved the slapping of the balls. Kasper is one hot bitch!
Sava Maus
two different bottoms?
MDF Staff
No, there's only one, Kasper Hauser
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