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Ruined to the limit - Part 1

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10.0 / 10

Some sluts never get enough, Casper Ellis is back for some more, and boy is he going to get more than he expected. Alexis is eager to start opening his arse right from the beggining, toy after toy, even taking a toy fist, it seems Casper never gets quite enough. Alexis is well aware that making this bitch sattisfied isn't an easy task, So after a bit of wrapping him up, it's the machines time to finish the wrecking. Once satisfied by the performance of the machine, Alexis does what all of us would do, who wouldn't want to try that open and juicy hole?
Featuring: Alexis Clark, Casper Ellis

Really good vid with one of my favorite models. Would have been awesome barefoot as i love seeing him clench his toes while he's getting worked over, but no complaints as this is a good one
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