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One Cute Twink - Scene 2

Avg Rating
9.0 / 10

You’d be quite forgiven for thinking that young James has probably had quite enough by this point in proceedings, but that’s clearly not the case at all. More to the point, his kidnappers clearly haven’t had enough either; and bundling him out of his cage, they proceed to give his pierced cock a good old jerk, before lubing his hungry arse in preparation for the next part of his ritualised debasing. And if this handsome beaut think they are going to take it any easier on him than they did the previous day then he’s in for a mighty shock; as they grease up their hands and proceed to fist the poor lad like the bitch he has very clearly always wanted to be. Indeed, don’t feel too sorry for him. He contacted MDF and literally begged for something like this to happen to him; although whether he ever expected to be made to cum over a bowl of crisps and then forced to eat them is another matter entirely. Finally, the two assailants decide to wash the lad down with a hose, prior to abandoning him on the side of a road, where he’s collected by the MDF team. Given the experience, you’d almost expect him to be traumatised. The smile on his face, however, tells a fucking different tale!

DVD: One Cute Twink
Featuring: James Oakleigh, Jordan Fit, Josh Milk

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