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Suit Addicted Whores Sc. 4

Avg Rating
3.6 / 5

Sergio is late, and Yah-Jil is impatient to get started with his boy, after a quick inspection the boy is ordered to get undressed, whilst his master rubs on his own bulge whilst thinking about the fun he'll soon be having with the boy. It's not long after Sergio is naked and now handcuffed with Yah-Jil servicing the boys cock, but it won't all be pleasure for the boy, as moments later he's placed on the foal where after some rimming Yah-Jil explores the depths of the boys ass with some glass plugs! When Yah-Jil appears to be done with the boy he's placed still in the hand-cuffs into the cage, where he spends the night before Yah-Jil comes back!
Featuring: Sergio Jobbel, Yah-jil


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