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Suit Addicted Whores Sc.3

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8.0 / 10

Sergio is already in the room waiting for a master, little does he know that soon Erik Devil will be joining him. With the boy now gagged it's time to pass on to the action, Erik pulls out the boys dick, gets him hard and is soon giving the boy some unexpected pleasure. But this doesn't last long, as soon Sergio is tied up and getting his ass whipped by Erik, which he later rimms, and uses some toys to prepare the boys hole for whats to come! Soon Erik is on top of the boy in almost a 69 possition making Sergio suck his cock, before moving around to give the boy a very hard fuck! But just as you think that it's all over, Erik ties the boy and suspends him from the ceiling for one last rimm and fuck before it's all over!
Featuring: Erik Devil, Sergio Jobbel

I see we have Suit Addicted Whores, Scene 2 & Scene 4. Has there been/will there be a Scene 1 and Scene 3? Or do you have something against odd numbers? (Some of the best things are odd!)
Kris - MDF Team
Hello Adrian, Yes, they're coming up soon! There was a mistake with the name of scene 2 with Erik Devil and Sergio Jobbel, this in fact is scene 3. The next release is Suit Addicted Whores Sc.1 - Yah-Jil, Erik Devil, Jhostin Brown. We hope you enjoy it!
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