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Wet Dream Academy Sc.1 Pt.1

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3.2 / 5

Jacob snoozes whilst reading his comic book, and appears to be sightseeing the old and abandoned part of town. However, he's not alone! The Puppeteer must have a boy radar, because as soon as the boy is noticed he goes to fetch Mickey, who tied in a straight-jacket is ready to obey the masters command! He runs out to fetch the boy, drags him inside, strips, and ties him down to a chair. Now, Mickey guides the boy down to his cock to get some pleasure from the boy, which he does in the form of a very wet blowjob, and later on a hard facefuck! Clearly both boys are enjoying it so far, and now Mickey takes it one step further, lubing his cock ready to get inside Jacob.
Featuring: Jacob Ryan, Mickey Taylor


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