The first pain Sc.1 Pt.1

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8.0 / 10

Liam just couldn't stay away from us, and wanted eagerly to come back and try some more hardcore action, so of course, with Yah-Jil in the room, he's sure to get a softer than usual experience. After getting his hands restrained, and pulled up behind his back, he's now in an arkward position, where Yah-Jil can do almost anything to the boy. The masters first complaint is that the boy is too white, and he swiftly puts a solution to that issue by spanking his ass red before performing some rimming. Once his body is red, Yah-jil is now feeling a bit horny, so he gets the twink to suck him off, to later fuck him in different possitions before humilliating the boy with a facial cumshot.
Featuring: Liam Stone, Yah-jil

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