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Bound, Fucked & Opened Sc.2 Pt.2

Avg Rating
9.3 / 10

With Casper now on the torture bench, Titus gets his whip out to start whipping the young lad's ass, stroking it harder every time. With his ass now warmed up, it's now time for the big toys, in this case a thick blue dildo, which goes in rather easily with the minimum amount of lube possible! As if this wasn't enough, Titus now gets a bigger ribbed dildo to start wrecking his boy hole even further. But if this ass fucking toy-fest wasn't enough, now Titus gets out the fuck-machine which wrecks his hole till he eventually cums! Keep your eye out for a humiliating finale.
Featuring: Casper Ellis, Titus Snow

I love the machine, it's hot to see a bottom helpless and it turned up to 100%. Casper started this scene taking MASSIVE dildos, one after the other. The machine needs a bigger cock, it took me out of the scene when that small dildo was plugging away, knowing what he was capable of.
A really good scene. Casper always is good for a hot scene. Crazy what all he can take.
Another really amazingly hot scene with the best slave casper - BUT: cumming twice without even asking for permission nor even saying he's close is an absolut no-go! He has to be punished for that properly on his next visit!!!
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