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Yah-Jil's Bitch Boy - Sc.1 Pt.2

Avg Rating
3.2 / 5

With a short recap of the last scene, Now Yoshi is placed in a sling there his hole is yet to be further abused, Yah-Jil knows how to make this boy moan, weather it's of pleasure of pain, a lot of moaning is going to happen in this scene! With his gloves on, Yah-jil starts by fisting Yoshi, with fantastic displays of his rosebud. Yah-jil doesn't hesitate neither to piss over this boys body and face, which is eagerly swallowed also! But of course, with such an ass in front of hm Yah-Jil doesn't think twice about fucking it. And keep your eye out for the grand humilliation finalle!
Featuring: Yah-jil, Yoshi Kawasaki

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