AJ's Destruction Sc.1 Pt.2

Avg Rating
7.4 / 10

The second part of the torment is purely motivating for Yoshi, clamps on his nipples and made to bite the chain, pulling on them with the lightest of movements. AJ doesn't doubt to spank the boys balls making him move and squirm in pain before pulling them off, to replace them with weighted clamps. Because Yoshi is behaving just as AJ wants, he's allowed breifly to suck AJ's whilst begging to be fisted, now he's pulled into the air with his rope bondage, where his hole is gradually opened by AJ's fist.
Featuring: AJ Alexander, Yoshi Kawasaki

Dom:cruelty and control issues come across camera. Sub: artistic tat work, real sensuality, would like to have as a birthday present.
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