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Lost fate - Part 2

Avg Rating
8.7 / 10

Silas is that kind of master that nomatter what, he never has enough, and Pan is going to soon discover this. After all the abuse suffered, Pan is gagged and tied with ropes to a wooden platform with his legs up. Silas doesn’t doubt to whip his naked and exposed body as a soft preliminary to the real torment that's yet to come. The pin wheel around his body, the fuck machine whilst he’s whipped and stepped on, his master isn’t merciful! And when he is bored of that, he ties his slaves balls to his toes to leaving his cock exposed to makes him cum with some different dildos. His moans don’t leave you indifferent when Pan reaches the orgasm with the Silas’ hand still on his wet cock.
Featuring: Pan Bash, Silas Rise

Good vid, I love how you tied his big toes up to his balls. Should get Casper tied up something like that next shoot
Pan's body tied spread open and exposed like that looks amazing. The creative way of roping his toes to his balls was one of the hottest things I've seen in a good while.
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