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Yah-Jil's Bitch Boy - Sc.2 Pt.1

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4.0 / 5

David has been captive by Yah-Jil, who drags him to his dungeon with a rope around his neck. But before going in, the master makes his slave suck his cock. Once in the dungeon, Yah-Jil tears his clothes off, ties him to a chair and blindfolds him. Yah-Jil is a good master who demands respect, so is not surprising that he starts whipping and pissing him all over his naked body. Not happy with that, master Yah-Jil puts some pegs on the most erogenous areas of his slave making him moan in pain. After all that, the master only wants to fuck hard his slave’s ass.
Featuring: David Swanson, Yah-jil

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