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Roughed Up Slave, Part 1

Avg Rating
4.5 / 5

Every slave-boy has to wait for his master in a cage sometimes, and that’s what Pan Bash is doing. When his master, Yah-Jil, enters in the room, he orders him, still inside the cage, to suck his long and thick cock. Yah-jil lets his slave out the cage before fucking his hole and pissing on his head. But the master hasn’t finished yet and the hard-treatment continues, this time with whips and hot wax. After that, Yah-jil places Pan on the cage where his face and ass are wildly fucked. Soon the master secures Pan in the stocks to finish fucking hard his ass and blasts his load all over his face and mouth.
Featuring: Pan Bash, Yah-jil

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