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Kinky Spanish Fucker Sc.2 Pt.2
Erik Devil, Tannor Reed
13 Photos, 15 min of video
Erik isn't done with Tannor just yet, and having him hanging from the ceiling is a hell of a way to have a boy on display. With a ring gag now in place Erik kisses and fingers the boys mouth to get more of a feel of what he's working with before moving down to the boys dick, which he sucks before going back to the boys face and fucking the boys open mouth. Tannor get's his fair share of pleasure as he's milked by his master before spurting his load al over himself.

Kinky Spanish Fucker Sc.1 Pt.2
Daniel Karrington, Erik Devil
12 Photos, 16 min of video
Erik had sort of finished with Daniel, but he too knows just what treasure Daniel's ass is, and wouldn't miss out on the oportunity of trying it out himself. With some gloves on and lubed up, he goes finger by finger opening up Daniel's sweet hole until the fist slides right in! After a while it's Daniel who's riding on Erik's fist! It goes without saying that this boy is one true fist pig!
Tags: Fisting

Kinky Spanish Fucker Sc.2 Pt.1
Erik Devil, Tannor Reed
18 Photos, 17 min of video
Erik is horny, and he already has his boy tied up with his ass on display, Erik knows where he want sthings to go, as soon he has his cock out for Tannor to suck on it, before moving around to eat his ass out to later fuck his boy hole in the same position! After a while the boys move over to a ladder where Erik has the boy suck him off before covering his ass with cum!

Kinky Spanish Fucker Sc.1 Pt. 1
Daniel Karrington, Erik Devil
15 Photos, 17 min of video
Will Daniel ever learn? It seems he loves to be in a tight situation, meaning bound and taken advantage of. With Erik this is no different as he has the boy laying on the bed with his hands tied to the ceiling, the difference with Erik being that he doesn't look like the rough, torture administering dom, as we'll see he's more into it for the action, like rimming Daniel's ass for a good while before pounding his ass and making the boy take his cum!

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