My Dirtiest Fantasy My Dirtiest Fantasy en-us 03/23/2020 - Wet Dream Academy Sc.1 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=178&type=vids Jacob falls a sleep reading his comic book, and appears to be sightseeing the old and abandoned part of town. However, he's not alone! The Puppeteer must have a boy radar, because as soon as the boy is noticed he goes to fetch Mickey, who tied in a straight-jacket is ready to obey the masters command! He runs out to fetch the boy, drags him inside, strips, and ties him down to a chair. Now, Mickey guides the boy down to his cock to get some pleasure from the boy, which he does in the form of a very wet blowjob, and later on a hard facefuck! Clearly both boys are enjoying it so far, and now Mickey takes it one step further, lubing his cock ready to get inside Jacob. contentgroup_178 03/16/2020 - Milked in Rope Sc.1 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=177&type=vids Davey is stuck in the old dungeon, in a straightjacket, gagged and suprisingly with a hard dick! The Puppeteer comes back, and after some verbal abuse he starts to edge the boys rock hard cock before focusing on his hole. Soon the boy isn't wearing the straight-jacket and is placed on all fours, and The Puppeteer gets the lube and a large dildo to use on the boy! After a little struggle the dildo goes in and soon Davey is exposing his rosebud and gape as per usual from him before moving on to the next dildo, which without doubt is bigger than the last! The change of events comes as he's suspended upside down, with the fuck machine hanging and opening the boys hole! contentgroup_177 03/11/2020 - Wheel of Misfortune Sc. 2 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=176&type=vids Denis still hasn't finished with Liam just yet, with the boy kneeling on a table, wearing his chastity device and neck held back by a chain collar and with his hands tied behind his back, Denis removes the chastity device and starts to jerk Liams cock. But it's not going to be all pleasure for the boy, as soon his entire body will be run over by the pinwheel, to be later whipped before continuing with the pleasure moments! contentgroup_176 03/06/2020 - Milked in rope! Sc.1 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=175&type=vids This update is a special one, divided into various acts, the first, where the Puppeteer gets Liam out of the cage and ties him up, bound and his body full of pegs, which he later whips off with a single tail whip. Before tying him to the ceiling in suspension, before the second act starts, here the boy, still tied to the ceiling gets rubbed and whipped by his master before getting tied in a body harness, where the whipping and bondage continues, until the final part, where the boy again tied, is milked by his Master before leaving him for later. contentgroup_175 03/01/2020 - Breaking Clyde Sc.2 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=174&type=vids Silas hasn't finished with his boy just yet, as now he's mummified to a wooden pole which is hanging from the ceiling, this for sure isn't for the ones who's afraid of heights! Silas give's the boy a fair share of dick, forcing the boy to suck it before moving around to his feet to remove his shoes and whip his feet, before putting the boys socks in his mouth and continues to whip the boys feet. before going under the boy to jerk him off whilst hanging like a piece of meat! contentgroup_174 02/25/2020 - Wheel of Misfortune Sc.2 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=173&type=vids Liam knows his place, which is under the table, chained, and naked. But boy is he a good boy, with Denis gently tugging on the chain, he's soon awake, on his knees and ready to give his master some oral pleasure, which he does, whilst locked in a chastity device. This is until Denis has enough and throws the boy on top of a table, where he kisses the boys body, Moments after, the boy has his hands and feet tied together and hanging from a chain attached to the ceiling, and once again, Denis with his cock out makes the boy service him before turning him around and pounding the boys hole. contentgroup_173 02/20/2020 - Pierre gets wrecked Sc.1 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=172&type=vids With Pierre now tied down, and gagged, and his nipples clamped, the fun part is only getting started! Master Aaron starts flogging the boy all over his body, making him moan in pleasure and discomfort, but this is all too amusing for Master Aaron, who asks the boy to beg him to stop! Which he does, only to add pegs to the boy's body, which will later be whipped off. Master Aaron is aware of the discomfort the boy is feeling, and decides to give the boy a break, but this time around, the boy gets his nipples tormented with the pinwheel! contentgroup_172 02/15/2020 - Suspended Sc.1 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=171&type=vids The Puppeteer is still horny, and tired of using Davey, it's now time for his other boy Liam to please the master, although it may appear to be starting off well, the boy is soon lost in translation, and this infuriates The Puppeteer. After embracing the fact that he's going to be a dog, and playing like a newly born puppy who's not very obedient, he's given the choice to ask to be tied and whipped, which after a lot of verbal abuse he manages to ask his master for. The Puppeteer isn't going to make the boys wishes come true that quickly, and soon after he has the boy arranging his rope on a chair, and he's getting hit by a big bouncy ball, imitating playing fetch! After his master's inspection and approval, he commences to tie the boy ready for the upside down, tying action that is yet to come! contentgroup_171 02/10/2020 - Breaking Clyde Sc.2 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=170&type=vids Silas was well in need for a break, in doing such, whilst smoking he can't help but get hard, and remembers that he left a boy tied in the box, so he approaches, and opens the middle part for access to his groin, which without a doubt in mind he starts whipping, whilst rubbing the boys bulge. Moments after he opens the lower part of the box to leave on display his legs, which he continues to whip with the crop. lt's obvious that he's wearing a cup in the jockstrap, and Silas knows that too, so he pulls out the boys cock to whip and jerk it. Silas continues with the unboxing, this time around leaving the boy fully exposed, Silas knows where he wants this to go, so with some sptitting and slaps around the boy's face, Silas has him just where he wants. Of course, it's not all going to be painful for the boy, as he soon has him worshiping his legs and feet before allowing the boy to get a taste of his meaty beast! contentgroup_170 02/05/2020 - Pierre gets wrecked Sc.1 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=169&type=vids Pierre is tied, waiting for his master to return, which he does, but maybe he doesn't get exactly what he had expected upon his masters return, again a face full of spit and a cock in his mouth, which he'll gag on his master's amusement, but soon he's untied, and thrown onto the mattress, where Master Aaron starts to eat the boys ass in preparation of what's to come. contentgroup_169 01/31/2020 - Suspended Sc.1 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=168&type=vids Davey is already at his masters feet, who's using him as a foot rest, but little does he know how south things are going to go! The Puppeteer knows exactly what he wants from the boy, and he for sure gets what he wants, as soon Davey is sucking on his already hard dick, The Puppeteer, with only a few words has Davey doing just what he wants. Soon the control is going to be higher, as Davey is tied with both his arms up in the air, leaving his naked torso on display for the Masters pleasure. This for sure won't go unmissed, as The Puppeteer whips the boy and even uses a nerf gun to shoot the boy! Just as the boy thinks that The Puppeteer has finished with him, he's tied back up, suspended, and leaving his ass on display for his master to use! contentgroup_168 01/26/2020 - Pierre gets wrecked Sc.2 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=167&type=vids Silas is now preparing for more torment for the boy, as he makes Pierre lay on a medical style bed, tying his hands and legs to the bed. Silas starts jerking the boy, and covers his eyes with a black wrap, now he cannot see anything Silas starts to suck his dick and puts a band on his balls, after a lot of pleasure, Silas decides it's best to change and use a vibrating wand on the boy, which he thoroughly enjoys. But this isn't all pleasure as soon the boy is hooked up to an electro device, which is torturing this cock, balls and thighs. Now with Silas tired of this torment, he takes off the electro, oils up his hand and starts jerking off the boy! contentgroup_167 01/22/2020 - Breaking Clyde, Sc.1 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=166&type=vids Clyde's torment is far from over, as now, laying on a table, Master Aaron ties his feet in chains, linked to the ceiling to lift up the boy's legs. With some clamps on his nipples, Aaron puts his foot on Clyde's face and makes him lick them before putting his used underwear in the boy's mouth and taping it shut. Aaron finishes the boy off with some more teasing and eventually makes the boy cum. contentgroup_166 01/16/2020 - Pierre gets wrecked Sc.2 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=165&type=vids Pierre always manages to be tied up, regardless of who his master is or where he is at. Today with Silas in charge Pierre is in for one hell of a merciless fuck! With a few spanks, Pierre is soon in the right headset, and Silas knows exactly where he wants things to go, needless to say that Pierre will end up covered in Silas' spit whilst he sucks his masters cock. With Silas tired of Pierres mouth, it's time to use another of the boys holes, this time around the back, where without lube he shoves in his cock, making the boy moan in both pleasure and discomfort. But the torment doesn't end there! contentgroup_165 01/11/2020 - Breaking Clyde Sc.1 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=164&type=vids Clyde is ready, tied to a trolley, butt naked, and eager to please Master Aaron, needless to say that this won't be easy for the boy! Aaron's first humiliation for the boy is liking his feet, which apparently are sweaty whilst he plays with his cock and balls with the other foot, rubbing, and patting, but don't be fooled, Clyde actually enjoys this as his boner shows! Aaron knows that it shouldn't all please the boy, so he makes the boy sniff and lick his sweaty underwear, before face-fucking the still tied boy. Of course, this is only the beginning, preparing the boy for what yet is to come, which undoubtedly is Master Aaron pleases himself by fucking the boy's tight hole! contentgroup_164 01/06/2020 - Obedience Sc.1 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=163&type=vids Pierre isn't finished yet with Daniel, who's tied up on display, so Pierre pulls out the lube and starts fingering the boys hole, then he uses what he calls as the smallest glass dildo from the box! Pierre then moves on to using a bigger glass dildo to open his hole, followed by another, but longer this time! For the final assault Pierre has saved the biggest, which could only be a big inflatable one to completely open the boys hole. At this stage Pierre gets the boy hard, so he can milk out all of the boys cum! contentgroup_163 01/01/2020 - Perverted Summer House Sc.5 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=162&type=vids With the boy freshly out of the shower it's time for Davey to really shine, this boy really does have an impressive hole, and this final part of Perverted Summer House really shows what an impressive hole the boy has. There is no time to spare from the minute he's on the floor till when he's riding some very impressive toys under his masters guidance, progressively growing in size until he takes the biggest toy at the house. It goes without saying that the boys load after all the suffering was more than deserved! contentgroup_162 12/27/2019 - Obedience Sc.1 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=161&type=vids Pierre is quick to want to get his slave at his feet, with a crack of a whip the boy is kneeling on the floor. Pierre at this point pulls out his cock for the boy to suck, it goes without saying that this boy is happy to be pleasing his master, but it never hurts to whip the slave to remind him his place. After a while, and with Pierre now rock hard, he has Daniel put his foot on the chair where Pierre was sat leaving his ass completely exposed. At this point there is only one way this will end, and that is with a cock up his ass! contentgroup_161 12/22/2019 - Kinky Spanish Fucker Sc.2 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=160&type=vids Erik isn't done with Tannor just yet, and having him hanging from the ceiling is a hell of a way to have a boy on display. With a ring gag now in place Erik kisses and fingers the boys mouth to get more of a feel of what he's working with before moving down to the boys dick, which he sucks before going back to the boys face and fucking the boys open mouth. Tannor get's his fair share of pleasure as he's milked by his master before spurting his load al over himself. contentgroup_160 12/17/2019 - Perverted Summer House Sc.5 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=159&type=vids With the house now almost empty Ron is eager to get his hands on Davey, waking the boy up, and forcing him to take a shower. Ron soaps up the boy whilst reminding him who's in charge, he whips the boy whilst he's drying himself. Now with the boy on the floor, Ron has the boy sucking his cock, and balls in different positions, then he has the boy move over to the toilet where he fucks him, abuses his ass and ends up pissing on him whilst he has his head inside the toilet! contentgroup_159 12/11/2019 - Kinky Spanish Fucker Sc.1 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=158&type=vids Erik had sort of finished with Daniel, but he too knows just what treasure Daniel's ass is, and wouldn't miss out on the oportunity of trying it out himself. With some gloves on and lubed up, he goes finger by finger opening up Daniel's sweet hole until the fist slides right in! After a while it's Daniel who's riding on Erik's fist! It goes without saying that this boy is one true fist pig! contentgroup_158 12/06/2019 - Kinky Spanish Fucker Sc.2 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=157&type=vids Erik is horny, and he already has his boy tied up with his ass on display, Erik knows where he want sthings to go, as soon he has his cock out for Tannor to suck on it, before moving around to eat his ass out to later fuck his boy hole in the same position! After a while the boys move over to a ladder where Erik has the boy suck him off before covering his ass with cum! contentgroup_157 12/01/2019 - Kinky Spanish Fucker Sc.1 Pt. 1 gallery.php?id=156&type=vids Will Daniel ever learn? It seems he loves to be in a tight situation, meaning bound and taken advantage of. With Erik this is no different as he has the boy laying on the bed with his hands tied to the ceiling, the difference with Erik being that he doesn't look like the rough, torture administering dom, as we'll see he's more into it for the action, like rimming Daniel's ass for a good while before pounding his ass and making the boy take his cum! contentgroup_156 11/26/2019 - Perverted Summer House Sc.4 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=155&type=vids After the forest brutal fuck, Silas isn't done with this pup, and after throwing him into the pool, the torture isn't over for the boy as Silas drowns the boy before exiting the pool to get a bottle of lube to continue the torment that is yet to come! with the lube in hand and the boy now on a flotation device face down, it's only a matter of time before Silas' hand is just where he likes it, inside an ass that is! contentgroup_155