My Dirtiest Fantasy My Dirtiest Fantasy en-us 09/16/2019 - Flip the Switch Sc.2 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=140&type=vids We all know that Mickey isn't someone who lets his slaves get away easily – and the handsome and oh-so innocent looking Liam Stone will be no exception to this iron rule! With Liam's cock still safely locked away, tattooed master Mickey's first action is to tie his well used slave to a St. Andrews cross, where he eagerly removes the chastity belt to edge the youngster's dribbling cock. No matter how good his master's hands might feel on his cock: Liam is not allowed to shoot his load yet. No, Mickey wishes to humiliate him a bit more by using first a crop and then a whip to beat Liam, his balls and his ass in different positions; before moving over to a fuck bench where Liam is finally wanked to his well deserved climax. However, the torture doesn't stop here, so be prepared for some post-orgasmic fun with hot wax! contentgroup_140 09/11/2019 - PVC Twink fucked raw Pt.1 gallery.php?id=139&type=vids Starting with what would appear an alien walking in on a smoky room, we find a futuristic twink wearing a gas mask and covered in PVC clothing, needless to say that if a twink walks in a warehouse like this, he will not be welcomed warmly, as is the case, he's tied down to a chair for further exploration by Rodion. His hand is quick to go to the groin area, where after a lot of rubbing, he's semi hard, and Rodion likes what he's seeing, so much so, that after he gets the boy hard he sucks his cock, and eventually makes the boy suck him off too! before moving on to more of an ass wrecking act, needless to say that this boy will be covered in boy juice very soon! contentgroup_139 09/06/2019 - The first pain Sc.2 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=138&type=vids Noah seems to have gotten himself into a bad place, where he's moved around by half naked men wearing masks! Needless to say that this cocksucker doesn't seem to care, and goes along quite easily with whatever these masked captors want to do with the boy, as seen in the first part of the scene when as soon as the master (Titus) pulls down his pants he's eager to get his mouth around his masters cock. With his eyes covered, it's time for his master to give him a light spanking and a fun ass filled time! first with his cock, and then with some of the masters favourite toys before going back to using his cock to blow his load all over the boy. contentgroup_138 09/01/2019 - Flip the Switch Sc.2 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=137&type=vids A boy in a sleepsack isn't something we see every day, But Mickey sure knows what he wants from his tied up boy, and that is obedience! Mickey is quick to get his cock out over Liam's face making the boy anxious to get his masters dick in his mouth, but Mickey isn't going to give the slave all that he wants, as he decides to face-fuck making the boy gag with his masters cock. Of course Mickey has more punishment in store for this twink, as he's soon moved over to a spanking bench where his ass gets a fair treatment of it's own! Both with a flogger and a crop Master Mickey by now has the boys ass just how he wants it, Red, sore and begging for cock! contentgroup_137 08/27/2019 - Wheel of Misfortune Sc.1 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=136&type=vids With a turn of the wheel, Whipping is chosen, where after securing the boy down out comes the paddle which will be stroking Peters bare ass till it's pinkish, then Titus pulls out the flogger whish will make his ass even redder. With another spin, Wax is next up for the boy who will soon be covered in wax before getting another spin on the wheel, where Edging will be the final punishment for the boy. contentgroup_136 08/22/2019 - Kinky Gym Sex Sc.1 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=134&type=vids Who doesn't love to hot boys working out in leather clothing? Rodion and Titus sure do, and after a few stikes to the punching bag, both boys have a different type of training in mind, Titus ties Rodion's hands together and quickly removes his shorts and jockstrap to pull out Rod ions meaty shaft. Needless to say that that thick and hard ramrod is in for some training of its own as Titus sucks and jerks it off intermittently before having the boy turn around, so he can get a taste of his meaty ass. Quickly after getting a taste for his ass, he's quick to get a in depth trial of his ass as he inserts his cock and gives the young lad a rough, sweat fueled fuck before releasing him to get into a 69 position where they suck each others cocks to later resume the gym styled fucking. contentgroup_134 08/17/2019 - The first Pain Sc.1 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=133&type=vids With Liam off the pedestal, he's now moved to a medical styled bed where the torment continues! Yah-Jil sucks Liam's cock to get him hard before putting him in a ball crusher, where of course his balls will be crushed! But not everything will be pain for this twink, as after having his cock sucked, he has the ball crusher removed, and a dildo goes in to his tight hole to aid with the jerking until he changes position to have an anal hook put in and tied to the newly placed ball gag where Yah-Jil milks the boys cock making him cum on a plate! contentgroup_133 08/12/2019 - Wheel of Misfortune Sc.1 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=135&type=vids The rules are simple! Spin and that is the command, the boy is aware of the rules, and gives the wheel the first spin, Toys is his first lucky experience, so Titus pulls out the bucket of toys and starts opening his ass with a small dildo and gradually ups the sizes and even uses some glass butt plugs to open the boys hole. When the round of anal abuse is over, Titus gives the wheel another spin, this time around it's the turn of the fuck machine to continue the butt stretching, in the meantime Titus sits in front of the boys face and has Peter suck his dick. It'd seem that Titus gets a bit carried away, and beleives he is the fuck machine as soon after he had Peter bent over on the cage where he gives Peter a merciless fuck till he cums all over the slave boys face! contentgroup_135 08/07/2019 - Bound, Fucked & Opened Sc.1 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=132&type=vids With a cute boy like Rodion tied to a column, it's hard for anyone not to kneel down and suck his beautiful cock. But Noah has more plans in his playbook than only sucking the boys cock, as he grabs his whip to change Rodion's skin colour to a more pinkish colour, with pauses in between to keep sucking the boys cock. After a while, Noah unties him from the column and has him kneel to suck him off, before throwing the matress down to the floor and having the boy lay flat on it with his ass up. We all know that what's next is a sleazy fuck and one of them ending covered in cum! contentgroup_132 08/02/2019 - Flip the Switch Sc.1 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=131&type=vids Yah-Jil has Mickey sucking him off kneeling on the floor, but Yah-Jil has other intentions for the lad, soon his hands are being tied to the ceiling chains then he stands so Yah-Jil can eat his ass out! All this was Yah-Jils preparation for the hard and deep fuck he's going to give to Mickey, without forgetting the humiliating finale. contentgroup_131 07/28/2019 - The first pain Sc.1 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=130&type=vids Liam just couldn't stay away from us, and wanted eagerly to come back and try some more hardcore action, so of course, with Yah-Jil in the room, he's sure to get a softer than usual experience. After getting his hands restrained, and pulled up behind his back, he's now in an arkward position, where Yah-Jil can do almost anything to the boy. The masters first complaint is that the boy is too white, and he swiftly puts a solution to that issue by spanking his ass red before performing some rimming. Once his body is red, Yah-jil is now feeling a bit horny, so he gets the twink to suck him off, to later fuck him in different possitions before humilliating the boy with a facial cumshot. contentgroup_130 07/23/2019 - Bound, Fucked & Opened Sc.2 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=125&type=vids With Casper now on the torture bench, Titus gets his whip out to start whipping the young lad's ass, stroking it harder every time. With his ass now warmed up, it's now time for the big toys, in this case a thick blue dildo, which goes in rather easily with the minimum amount of lube possible! As if this wasn't enough, Titus now gets a bigger ribbed dildo to start wrecking his boy hole even further. But if this ass fucking toy-fest wasn't enough, now Titus gets out the fuck-machine which wrecks his hole till he eventually cums! Keep your eye out for a humiliating finale. contentgroup_125 07/18/2019 - Silas' perverse torments Sc.2 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=127&type=vids Casper is far from finished with silas, with his ass in the air, and face on the floor, he gets a swift warm-up with the whip, which leaves his ass in pain, but as if Silas gave a damn, he's still getting started on the boys ass. If you've been watching long enough, by now you know black gloves mean fisting is yet to come! With Casper's pucker on display, with his legs chained up to the ceiling, Casper's ass will be used, opened and stretched to accommodate Silas' hand and the most part of his forearm, to the extent of the boy cumming with barely any need of Silas' assistance. contentgroup_127 07/13/2019 - Silas' perverse torments Sc.1 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=126&type=vids With Silas back in the room the torment continues as Ron receives a whipping warm-up, which prepares him for the mummification to come, but clearly the boy isn't hot enough just yet, so Silas continues to whip the boy. Until eventually he pulls his cock out and starts to suck it to give the boy some relief, but the boy has to work for it, Ron is soon looking like a fish without water, trying to fuck Silas' face, or even more when his feet are being played with. But the torment still isn't over as soon Ron is moved over to a torture chair, where his hands are tied, and his cock on display for the torture that awaits. contentgroup_126 07/08/2019 - Flip the Switch Sc.1 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=129&type=vids Mickey being pushed into the room isn't an everyday sight, even less so if it's by Spanish kinkster Yah-Jil, whose first order of the day is to secure down his slave for the torments he awaits. Once secured, and just to purely confuse Mickey, Yah-Jil gets down to suck him off before ferociously whipping the boy, who moans like there's no tomorrow. But far from concluding, the torment continues, as pegs are placed on his body, to be later whipped off, and for more pain, the triple wartenberg wheel will be all over the boys body. Once the pain is over, Yah-Jil gets to try Mickey's ass, with both a dildo and later an electro butt plug before letting the boy release his load. contentgroup_129 07/03/2019 - Silas' perverse torments Sc.1 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=124&type=vids Ron Negba's ass in the air is an open invite for Silas when he walks in on him, soon after kissing and caressing his ass, he reaches into the bedside cabinet to get a ball gag and some cuffs. Now cuffed and gagged, the boy is all his, he procedes to suck the boys cock... clearly Ron has been trained, as he is quick to get some lube, lube Silas's cock, and ride it just how Silas likes it, as if this wasn't horny enough, they change position a couple of times before Silas is spurting his load over Ron, leaving Ron wanting to cum also! contentgroup_124 06/28/2019 - Silas' Perverse Torments Sc.2 Pt.1 gallery.php?id=123&type=vids With Caspar sat waiting with a hood on, Silas goes over to start touching him and pinches his nipples before moving his hands which will soon be chained to the ceiling. With the boys hands out of the way, Silas is eager to see just how far he can go with the boy, so he starts by whipping his torso, and breifly stops to put some nipple clamps on the boy. With the boys face now revealed, it's time for the torment to go a bit further, with a pinwheel to get the boy asking for mercy. But that's not all the fun the poor boy will have, as shortly after his master penetrates all his holes! contentgroup_123 06/23/2019 - AJ's Destruction Sc. 2 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=122&type=vids David is instructed in the room by AJ, he then wraps the boy in black palet wrap before mving him to the table where the torment begins, The boys body is ran over multiple times by the pin whele, before getting some medical style clamps on his now sensitive nipples. All this before getting his balls into a ball crusher, where AJ will suck the boys cock to make him cum over himself. contentgroup_122 06/18/2019 - Bound, Fucked & Opened Sc.1 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=121&type=vids With Casper left in a cage waiting for his master to come back, he's ready agian to serve his masters wishes, which in this case is to suck his cock, whilst still in the cage. Now rock hard, he lets his slave out of the cage, to get him in position for the hard fuck that is next to come. With some spanking, and the boy asking for it harder, it's no surprise Titus want's to get his dick inside the boy yet again before cumming all over him! contentgroup_121 06/13/2019 - Bound Up Boy, Sc.2 - Pt.2 gallery.php?id=120&type=vids With Peter tied to the cross, Silas gives the boy a light whipping to warm up the pale bodied twink, before adding some pegs to the sides of his body which he'll flick and play with wilst massaging and sucking his dick. After deneying him to cum, Silas pours hot wax over his legs, feet, chest, arms and even over his dick before going back to his dick to let him cum! If thats not all, now he covers the lad in piss before leaving him tied to the cross, used and covered in piss. contentgroup_120 06/08/2019 - Bound Up Boy, Sc.1 - Pt.2 gallery.php?id=119&type=vids After leaving Ron tied to the ceiling, and almost sat on a chair, there is no escape for this boy! Now with a red blindfold on, Titus goes down to his cock to start sucking it off and oil up the boys body. Now with a pull of a rope, he's made to stand, where Titus continues the sucking and jerking of his slaves cock. Of course that before letting the boy release his cum, there will be some torment - but we won't give any spoilers! contentgroup_119 06/03/2019 - Yah-Jil's Bitch Boy - Sc.1 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=117&type=vids With a short recap of the last scene, Now Yoshi is placed in a sling there his hole is yet to be further abused, Yah-Jil knows how to make this boy moan, weather it's of pleasure of pain, a lot of moaning is going to happen in this scene! With his gloves on, Yah-jil starts by fisting Yoshi, with fantastic displays of his rosebud. Yah-jil doesn't hesitate neither to piss over this boys body and face, which is eagerly swallowed also! But of course, with such an ass in front of hm Yah-Jil doesn't think twice about fucking it. And keep your eye out for the grand humilliation finalle! contentgroup_117 05/29/2019 - Bound Up Boy, Sc.2 - Pt.1 gallery.php?id=116&type=vids Having Peter already gagged and in a straight-jacket you could say that the fun is set out for Silas, who doesn't take long to show Peter that he is in charge. Spanking the young lads ass with a paddle, whilst ocasionally licking and fingering his hole, Peter is sure to be enjoying this scenario. But the torment doesn't end there, of course Peter is soon to be Face-fucked, and then fucked with the drool-covered cock. Needless to say that this boy doesn't get any form of release! contentgroup_116 05/24/2019 - Yah-Jil's Bitch Boy - Sc.2 Pt.2 gallery.php?id=115&type=vids After leaving David for a while, and freshining up a bit, Yah-Jil is ready to continue torturing the pale-bodied twink a bit more, starting with some good old-fashioned pegs, to soon be whipped off with his flogger. But pain is most definetly in store for this boy, as soon his nipples are clamped with medical clamps, and his body worked over with a pin whele, to later be covered in Wax... obviously this isn't all going to be about pain, so Yah-jil gets out his vibrating wand, and uses it to get the boy hard so he can finish the show with some good old-fashioned milking. contentgroup_115