My Dirtiest Fantasy My Dirtiest Fantasy en-us 03/23/2019 - Beaten & Abused Cadet - Scene 2 gallery.php?id=95&type=vids Pan's torment is far from over, Ashton so far has been gradually turning the heat up on what is one of the most brutal punishments for disobedient cadets, Now he has the boy suspended in rope bondage hanging from his legs with his ass wide open. This leaves his genitals and ass exposed for the upcoming torment. Ashton makes clear who's boss, and whips the boys cock and balls before fingering his ass whilst squeezing and pulling on the young lads ball sack. If this wasn't a good enough punishment, Ashton now pulls out a large dildo which he'll use on the boy whilst tormenting his cock and balls. contentgroup_95 03/19/2019 - Slutty Slave David - Scene 2 gallery.php?id=93&type=vids This time around, Manuel moves his salve to the St. Andrews cross where the abuse begins, once his hands and ankles are tied, his master fingers his ass before whipping it! David far from having a bad time, he asks for more, at that stage Manuel gags the boy before continuing the abuse. Manuel sucks his cock before pouring hot wax over the young lads body, to then whip it off. Manuel ends up giving the boy a blowjob and soon he gets a cum oozing facial. contentgroup_93 03/16/2019 - Ashton's Rubber Toy - Scene 2 gallery.php?id=92&type=vids If you'd thought Ashton had finished with Dyson, you're very wrong! The abuse continues, this time round he ties his slave, still in rubber, to a metal structure, with his face and cock on display, it's not surprising Ashton wants to give this boy a hell of a time! He slaps, whips and chains weights to his balls, whilst Dyson Screams and moans in pleasure, this is not all the torment his cock and balls will be receiving, as soon the pin wheel will be used before jerking the subs aching cock! contentgroup_92 03/15/2019 - Police Interrogation For One Hot She-Male gallery.php?id=94&type=vids A boy and his girlfriend are kissing and touching each other on the sofa when two cops burst in the house searching for evidence of a drug dealer. One of them sees the half-naked girl, and he orders her to suck him off in front of her boyfriend. When the cop realices that she has a cock, he makes the boyfriend suck her cock. Soon all four are with their dicks out and Sasha takes turns to suck their cocks off. They then take turns to fuck her ass once her boyfriend prepared it by rimming it. The cops blast their loads all over her face and mouth whilst her boyfriend fucks her. Once the cops have emptied their balls, they let the couple end alone. Soon she cums in her hands whilst his boyfriend is still inside her. He ends blowing his cum all over his girlfriend’s mouth and hands. contentgroup_94 03/12/2019 - A Helping Hand - Scene 1 gallery.php?id=91&type=vids David Luca and Pan Bash are very horny, and they are looking for a place to have a little intimacy. They find it next to an abandoned house and quickly David is on his knees sucking Pan’s hard cock. In Pan’s face we can see that David is giving him a great blowjob and after a good while sucking it off, Pan cums inside David’s dirty mouth. Once they are in their home relaxing on the sofa, they start to play with each others feet. After licking and touching them, David sucks Pan’s cock and helps with a footjob. Soon Pan can’t resist more temptation and starts to fuck the boy after preparing his ass with a big black dildo. After fucking him on the mat, Pan cums all over David’s ass while he has a dirty sock in his mouth. contentgroup_91 03/09/2019 - Locked & Submitted - Scene 2 gallery.php?id=90&type=vids It’s the second round for Manuel Scalco and Dyson Asbury. The master starts to piss him in his mouth whilst his slave is on his knees before taking him to a lounge. Once there, Manuel sucks his cock and touches his naked body making him moan. So horny now, the master sits on his slave’s face so he can suck his cock whilst he continues sucking Dyson’s dick. Soon Manuel sits on the lounger and places Dyson laid on his chest to jerk him off. After the hottest jerk we ever seen before, Dyson finally cums all over his master’s hands. contentgroup_90 03/05/2019 - Beaten & Abused Cadet - Scene 1 gallery.php?id=88&type=vids It’s midnight and the cadet Pan Bash is secretly smoking a cigarette, when his superior Ashton Bradley discovers him. He’s quickly ordered to do some pushups whilst he whips and pounds him in what seems one of the most brutal punishment we ever seen before. The cadet obeys whatever he ordered and after getting pissed in his mouth, Ashton tells him to suck his cock. Once Ashton is turned on, he bends Pan over and starts to pound his not-so-abused ass. After riding his superior’s cock, the cadet is pissed by him and soon he is face-fucked until the soldier cums inside his mouth. contentgroup_88 03/02/2019 - Slutty Slave David - Scene 1 gallery.php?id=87&type=vids David is a happy slave boy who waits for his master in the dungeon. When his master, Manuel Scalco, enters in the room, both quickly begin to kiss and touch each other until Manuel puts him on a torture cage where he’s secured in the stocks. Once the master takes off the David’s clothes, he starts rimming his ass and licks every inch of his legs and feet. Soon Manuel, can’t resist more and jumps on the cage to give the boy a rough fuck. But the master isn’t satisfied yet and unties David to continue roughly fucking him on the mat. After some damn hot postures, Manuel stands up an orders David to suck his cock. After jerking off, the master blasts his load all over his slave’s dirty mouth. contentgroup_87 02/26/2019 - Ashton's Rubber Toy - Scene 1 gallery.php?id=86&type=vids Encountering a Rubber gimp is, I'm sure, all we wish for, Ashton walks in on one and automatically starts showing him who’s in charge. On all fours, whilst being spanked and preparing the slaves ass with some dildos before letting the fuck machine abuse the slaves ass whilst keeping his mouth busy with Ashton’s cock. This is, of course, to prepare for the rough fuck the gimp is soon to receive, before ending in a facial. contentgroup_86